Cave Wall Paintings

February 17, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers,

I’ve joined an online picture book challenge. It’s a support group for critique, instruction and mentorship in picture book writing and illustration. It’s part of my New Year’s resolution to polish my craft and advance to the next level in “business savvy”. The challenge is to submit 12 manuscript ideas in the next 12 months, and then discern the best, to develop into future picture books. This should keep my nose to the grindstone! At least the first few I’ll come up with will be more learning adventures in the “Jackson” series. Speaking of Jackson, this week’s coloring page is a scene from Jackson’s time travels in “Jackson’s History Adventure”. He’s visiting prehistoric cave people, and adding his own work to their cave wall paintings. Happy coloring!

Thanks, Rita

Here’s the link to buy Jackson’s History Adventure:

(It is in the Apple iBook Store, formatted only for iPads.)

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