Aviation Mechanic

February 10, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers!

This week’s free coloring page is another sneak peek from my work-in-progress, “Jackson’s Aviation Adventure”. Jackson is using his imagination and his love of drawing and painting to explore ideas he wants to learn about. In this illustration, he’s imagining possible aviation jobs he could have when he grows up, like an aviation mechanic.

I’m joining a new critique and support group for writers/illustrators. My plan is to get some guidance in my plan to let several of the other story ideas buzzing around in my head see the light of day! So in future weeks I may have some more works-in-progress to use as coloring pages on this blog. Happy coloring!

Thanks, Rita

Here’s the link to buy Jackson’s History Adventure:


(It is in the Apple iBook Store, formatted only for iPads.)



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