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January 19, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers,

Again I’m blogging about the great weather we’ve had lately here in AZ. In my defense, I’ll say it’s a constant reminder of why we endure the miserably hot summers! In the past week, when I’m not working on my next e-book, Jackson’s Aviation Adventure, I am hiking, plein air painting or biking. And even when I’m illustrating pages for the new e-book, I can THINK about bike riding, like I did with the one I picked for this week’s coloring page: Wilbur and Orville’s Bicycle Shop. Hope you enjoy coloring it. In a few days, I’ll put my colored version of it on my “Books in Progress” page. If you want to follow the blog, and get notified of updates, enter your email address on the right.

Thanks, Rita

Here’s the link to buy Jackson’s History Adventure:

(It is in the Apple iBook Store, formatted only for iPads.)


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