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The budget airline Flybe is Europe’s largest regional airline in terms of passenger numbers. After launching in 1979 as Jersey European Airlines, it has grown to now serve around 102 destinations across Europe using a low-cost business model that currently sees around 500,000 customers flying with the airline on a yearly basis. It operates out of Exeter International Airport in Devon. It was renamed Flybe in 2002.


What are the Flybe check-in options?

Mobile boarding passes & priority boarding
Priority boarding
Flybe flying with children
Seating for babies and children
Unaccompanied children
Flying while pregnant
Flybe Senior fares
Group bookings
Disabled access & medical equipment
Guide dogs & pets


Mobile boarding passes & priority boarding

When booking a flight with Flybe, eligible passengers will be given the option to register for Flybe’s free automatic check-in. In doing so, all nominated passengers will automatically receive their boarding pass between 36 and 15 hours of their departing flight via email or sms.

If you are travelling with luggage, once you get to the airport you must check your hold luggage either via the baggage drop or the check-in desk. If you are travelling with hand baggage only, you can proceed straight to the security checkpoint and use your mobile boarding pass along with a valid form of identification.


Priority boarding

Priority boarding is available to business class travellers who book the ‘All In’ ticket class. A dedicated priority
check-in and fast track security service gives ticket class holders speedier access through the check-in process, after which they can also take advantage of Flybe’s Executive Lounges.


Flying with children

It is a legal requirement for children over the age of two to travel in their own seat. Passengers who are travelling with an infant who becomes two years old before their return flight must ensure that they have a seat reserved for the return flight. There is no additional charge for this seat. The infant fare will apply for the entire journey.

A baby is allowed travel under the definition of infant on Flybe services from the age of one week up to one year and 364 days and on flights operated by Stobart Air from the age of two weeks up to one year and 364 days. Accompanied by an adult and not occupying a seat, an infant is carried at 12% of the adult fare.

Only one infant is permitted to travel per adult.


If you are travelling with a pushchair, it is usually possible to keep the pushchair with you until you reach the steps of the aircraft.


Seating for babies and children

On Flybe/Loganair operated flights, both infants and children may use a suitable car seat on-board. All car seats and harness used on-board the aircraft must meet the safety guidelines and be pre-approved by the airline. The car seat must comply with the following restrictions:

  • Only models which meet with the standards set by the CAA are permitted.
  • The complete operating instructions must be available.
  • It must be a forward facing model with a single release, 5-point type harness.
  • The harness must secure the child’s lap, torso and shoulders.
  • The car seat must be in good repair.
  • Must be able to be secured to the aircraft seat using the aircraft seat belt.


Unaccompanied Children

If you wish to make a reservation for an Unaccompanied Minor, you will need to telephone the Customer Call Centre before you make the flight booking with the name, address and contact number of:

  • The person taking the child to the airport of departure.
  • The person collecting the child at the destination airport.

Children aged between 5 and 11 years 364 days may only travel unaccompanied on Flybe point to point flights where a named custodian of the child is present at each end of the flight. Although not compulsory, you may request for a child between the ages of 12 and 16 years to be carried as an Unaccompanied Minor.

Unaccompanied children are not permitted on flights which involve a change of aircraft en route or transferring to or from another airline, as Flybe can only provide assistance once check-in has opened for the Flybe flights. A supervisory fee of £39 (€46, 60CHF) per child per flight is levied for the service provided.


Flying while pregnant

Pregnant passengers can fly up to the 34th week of pregnancy provided they have a medical certificate from a doctor stating that you are able to travel by air. Exceptions may be made to allow expectant mothers to travel after this time on the Scottish Highlands and Islands routes operated by Loganair.


Senior fares

Flybe, being a discount airline, does not offer any special fares specifically for seniors.


Group bookings

If you are planning to fly with a group and wish to be seated together, you can arrange bookings for 10 or more people by requesting a quote through Flybe’s group booking form. In your request, you will need to give the following information:

  • Name of the person to be contacted.
  • A daytime telephone number.
  • Number of passengers. (including children)
  • Flight dates.
  • Destination.

An offer will then be sent for acceptance, upon which Flybe will call you to finalise your details and organise your group’s flight.


Disabled access & medical equipment

A complimentary wheelchair service must be requested at least 48 hours before your journey. This can include assistance to your seat aboard the aircraft using a specialised lift or chair. Flybe is unable to accept any wet cell batteries which may power motorised wheelchairs on board the aircraft. Due to variations in airport ability to accept specific kinds and sizes of wheelchairs, you will need to contact Flybe in advance to confirm their ability to carry your wheelchair. Note that Flybe offers a callback service if you are unable to contact them by email.

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 3080812


Download Flybe Mobility Aid Request Form.


Guide Dogs & Pets

Flybe can currently accept recognised Assistance Dogs on international routes from the following UK airports:

  • Birmingham
  • Exeter
  • London Southend
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

You will need to contact Flybe 48 hours in advance if you wish to travel on an international flight with a recognised Assistance Dog so that they can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

With the exception of assistance dogs, all dogs and cats travel in the hold of the aircraft. Contact Air Logistics Group on +44 (0) 1332 819204 or via e-mail: for further information regarding pet travel.

Note that Loganair will not accept rodents (i.e., guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, etc.) rabbits, chickens, reptiles (i.e., snakes, turtles, etc.) or fish as carry-on or checked in baggage. These items may be carried as cargo in suitable containers.


What are the Flybe baggage allowance limits and fees?

Flybe hand luggage size
Flybe checked luggage size
Baggage charges
Musical and sport equipment


Flybe hand luggage size

Flybe also operates the franchises Loganair Limited and Stobart Air, both of which have their own regulations regarding baggage restrictions, fees and services. The following table shows the cabin bag allowance for the three carriers:

Flights Operated by Maximum Permitted Standard Cabin Bag Size Maximum Total Weight of Cabin Baggage
Flybe 55 x 35 x 20cm 10KG
Stobart Air 49 x 37 x 22cm 7KG
Logan Air 40 x 35 x 18cm 6KG

A £50 charge will be levied for any oversized bag checked in at the departure gate. Should your cabin bag exceed the permitted weight allowance, it will be placed in the hold and standard airport hold luggage charges will apply.

Note that if you plan to bring any liquids into the cabin, you can do so as long as they are stored in containers no bigger than 100ml and are carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bags with maximum dimensions of 20 x 20cm. Each passenger can carry a maximum of 1000ml (e.g. 10 x 100ml).


Flybe checked luggage size

Flybe operates three ticket types, ‘Just Fly’, ‘Get More’ and ‘All In’. The following table outlines what is permitted for each ticket type, with the £ sign denoting a fee:

Included in your ticket Just Fly Get More All In
1 item of hold luggage (20kg)
2 items of hold luggage (up to 40kg)
Extras (fee applies)
Small (1 item up to 15kg) £
Standard (1 item up to 20kg) £
Extra Kilos (1 item up to 23kg) £ £
2 items of hold luggage (up to 40kg) £ £ £


This form shows a complete breakdown of tariffs based on ticket class and carrier. Note, however, that prices may vary by route and travel period.

The following franchise-specific dimension restrictions also apply:

Flights operated by Max permitted hold luggage size Hold luggage allowance
Flybe No restriction 20kg
Stobart Air 53cm x 55cm x 127cm 20kg
Loganair No restriction 20kg


Baggage charges

Flybe offers the opportunity to pre-book and increase your hold luggage allowance up to 40kg. Should you wish to carry hold luggage in excess of this permitted pre-bookable allowance, excess charges will apply. You can add hold luggage to a booking either:

  • Online up to 2 hours prior to departure by retrieving your reservation.
  • Via the Customer Call Centre – up to 4 hours prior to the flight departure.

There are four hold luggage options available online:

  • Small, 15kg
  • Standard, 20kg
  • Extra, 23kg
  • 2 items of hold luggage up to 40kg

The fees are as follows:

Flybe passengers on Flybe UK and Stobart Air operated flights
Bookings made via: Contact Centre Airport
Per kg n/a n/a £15
Flybe passengers on all Loganair operated flights
Per bag if 1st bag is in excess of 20kg
(up to a max permitted weight of 30kg)
n/a n/a £10


Musical and sport equipment

An exceptional item charge applies to the following pieces of sporting equipment:

  • Golf clubs
  • Snowboards
  • Surf boards
  • Windsurfs
  • Bicycles
  • Fishing equipment
  • Scuba diving
  • Archery equipment

These items can be carried in addition to your existing hold luggage allowance. Note that only golf bags and skis can be pre-booked, subject to space availability, through the Customer Call Centre. Any other exceptional items can only be carried on a standby basis subject to space availability.

Sporting and musical equipment incur a fee and their weight allowance is up to 20 kilos. Should the weight of any item exceed this allowance, standard excess baggage charges will also apply. Exceptional items may be carried at a standard fee per exceptional item per sector.

Items carried without charge

  • Pushchairs, prams, travel cots and car seats
  • Wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, suit or kilt in a carrier
  • Wedding cakes
  • Mobility equipment

Find a complete breakdown of dimensional allowances for each exceptional baggage type.


What additional fees does Flybe charge?

Booking fees
Flight change fees
Flight cancellation policy
Travel insurance


Booking fees

Flybe does not charge for the use of debit cards. Bookings made by credit card or Paypal will incur a fee of 3% of the total transaction value, with a minimum charge of £5.00, regardless of the number of passengers or sectors in the booking.


Flight change fees

Please note that the following fees are current as of December 2015:

Just Fly: Charges are per passenger, per sector plus any difference between the original fare paid and the cost of flight at the time of the change.

Bookings made via Contact Centre Airport
Just Fly* passengers on Flybe UK and Stobart Air operated flights
Date and time changes £35 £40 £40
Route changes £35 £40 £40
Name changes Call Contact Centre £40 £40
Just Fly passengers on Loganair operated flights
Date and time changes £32.50 £37.50 £37.50
Route changes £32.50 £37.50 £37.50
Name changes Call Contact Centre £40 £40

*Just Fly: Charges are per passenger, per sector plus any difference between the original fare paid and the cost of flight at the time of the change.


Flight cancellation policy

With the exception of refunds made in connection with cancellation and denied boarding, Flybe fares are non refundable. For refunds associated with cancellation and denied boarding, The Customer Accounts Department can be contacted by email at or alternatively in writing to the following address.


Travel insurance

Flybe offers a range of travel insurance products via AIG Europe Limited, including cover for:

  • Tickets and Baggage
  • Flight cancellation
  • Baggage (delayed and damaged)
  • Medical and hospital treatment
  • Cash
  • Missed departures
  • Personal liability

Find out more about Flybe’s Travel Insurance policy.


Compare these top routes


What amenities does Flybe offer?

In-flight entertainment
Frequent Flyers


In-flight entertainment

As Flybe is a budget airline, in-flight entertainment is currently limited to magazines.



Snacks and hot and cold beverages are available for purchase.



All ticket types offer allocated seating, for purchase or for free. Note that a fee applies for an advance standard seat selection, and an advance extra legroom seat selection.

Seats are booked separately for each sector of your journey. To reserve your seat, the following rates will apply:

Bookings made via Contact Centre Airport
Just Fly passengers on Flybe UK and Stobart Air operated flights
Standard seat (from) £6.50 £8 £8
Exit/Extra legroom seat (from) £15 £16 £16
Just Fly passengers on Loganair operated flights
Standard seat £6.50 £8 £8


Frequent Flyers

Flybe partners with Avios to provide passengers a Travel Rewards Programme.

The benefits include:

  • A range of ways to collect Avios from Tesco, Shell, British Airways and Iberia.
  • Avios can be spent on flights, Eurostar, cruises and cases of wine, as well as holiday extras such as car hire, hotel stays and days out.

You can also sign up to the Programme.



Wireless internet access and complimentary drinks and snacks are available if customers:

  • Are flying on an ‘All In’ ticket class ticket.
  • Are an executive lounge access card holder (Premiercard).
Locations with Executive Lounges
Airport Lounge All In Executive Lounge Card Holders Loganair All In
Aberdeen Servisair Yes Yes Yes
Amsterdam Swissport Yes
Belfast City Servisair Aspire lounge Yes Yes Yes
Birmingham Servisair Aspire lounge Yes Yes Yes
Cardiff Cardiff Airport Yes
Dusseldorf Air Berlin Yes
Edinburgh Servisair Aspire Lounge Yes Yes Yes
Exeter EXT Airport All London City Airport passengers
Glasgow GLA Airport Sky lounge Yes Yes Yes
Inverness Servisair Yes Yes Yes
Isle of Man Rendez-vous Yes
Jersey Jersey Airport Lounge Yes
Leeds/Bradford Yorkshire Premier Lounge Yes Yes Yes
Manchester T3 – Escape lounge Yes Yes Yes
Paris CDG T2 – Air France Yes
Paris Orly Air France Yes
Southampton Breeze Priority Lounge Yes Yes Yes


How do I contact Flybe customer service?

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage
Compensation for baggage



Flybe can be contacted on + 44 20 7308 0812. For specific queries such as passenger assistance, baggage claims and check-in, click here.


Delayed, missing or damaged luggage

Should you discover that your hold luggage has been delayed or damaged, you will need to report this by notifying a flybe member of staff at the airport. Should your hold luggage be delayed, contact the Flybe Secondary Tracing department within five days.

If your hold luggage has been delayed and/or if you have reported your bag missing and you are in possession of a PIR (Property Irregularity Report), you can use Flybe’s luggage tracking service to check the status of you luggage.


Compensation for baggage

For damaged luggage, Flybe’s liability is limited to 1,000 Special Drawing Rights (about €1,200) per passenger unless a higher value is declared at check-in and a supplementary sum is paid, in which case their liability shall be limited to such higher declared value.

For missing luggage, if your baggage travels on a later service than you, Flybe will send it from the arrival airport as soon as possible. If you are on your outward journey, they will pay you up to £25 per person for each 24 hours that your bag is delayed on production of receipts supporting your claim (up to a maximum of £75).

If you wish to claim more than £75 in total, you will need to provide suitable supporting documentation documentation to prove your loss.

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