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EasyJet flies to over 600 destinations in 30 countries, and in 2014 carried over 60 million passengers on a fleet now numbering in excess of 200 planes. The budget airline aims to keep costs lost utilising quick turnaround times and high aircraft utilisation. For all booking queries, your nearest branch’s contact number can be found here.


What Are My EasyJet Check in Options?

Mobile boarding passes & priority booking
Flying with children
Unaccompanied children
Flying while pregnant
Senior fares
Group Bookings
Disabled Access


Mobile Boarding Passes & Priority Boarding

You can download and store your EasyJet boarding pass on your mobile phone, which can be used just like a paper boarding pass.

  • You can also check in using your phone via the EasyJet app that you can download here.
  • If you would like to check in online, you can do so from the EasyJet website and clicking “Check-in Online” option in the top right.

You can check in online and download your boarding pass on your smartphone from 30 days ahead of the scheduled departure of your flight. Your return flight may also be available for mobile check in at the same time, as long as the return flight takes place within 30 days of your outbound flight and both of the airports in your booking support mobile boarding passes (currently most do).

You also do not need an account to access EasyJet online check in and boarding passes.


Flying with Children

EasyJet has implemented measures to make flying with children a little easier. Some include:

  • You can board early if you’re travelling with children under 5.
  • You can bring two items for free including a push chair, buggy or car seat.
  • You can choose your seats in advance to ensure you sit together.

Seating for Babies and Children

You cannot book an infant onto their own seat online. Instead, you will need to contact the EasyJet Customer Service Team. You will need to bring a car seat to use on the plane if you do not plan to have them sit on your lap. Only 2 infants are allowed with every one accompanying adult, while all passengers aged 2 or over are charged a full fare and must occupy their own seat.


Unaccompanied children

EasyJet will only transport unaccompanied children between the ages of 13 and 18 years.

  • Children aged 13 and younger must be accompanied by another person aged 16+.
  • Children between 14 and 15 years can travel on their own provided they are not flying with another child aged less than 13 years.
  • Children aged 16 – 18 can fly alone.


Flying while pregnant

EasyJet has a policy specifying the latest stage that pregnant woman can take flights:

  • No later than the end of the 35th week if pregnant with one baby. OR
  • No later than the end of the 32nd week if pregnant with more than one child.

A medical certificate is not required to travel, and expectant mothers are allowed to travel with an infant on their lap if they wish to do so.


Senior Fares

EasyJet does not offer senior citizen discounts at this time.


Group Bookings

If you are planning to fly with a group and wish to be seated together, you can arrange bookings of up to 40 people by contacting EasyJet’s group booking team on groups@easyjet.com. In your email, you will need to give the following information:

  • Name of the person to be contacted
  • A daytime telephone number
  • Number of passengers
  • Flight dates
  • Destination

They will then call you to finalise your details and organise your group’s flight.


Disabled Access

Two items of mobility equipment such as a wheelchair and a mobility aid be carried free of charge in addition to your normal checked baggage allowance. Note that you can only take your wheelchair and mobility aid if it can be lifted manually into the aircraft hold at both airports in your booking. Since some airports may not have the equipment to lift heavy wheelchairs and mobility aids, so EasyJet requests you notify them 48 hours prior to your departure so that they can attempt to accommodate your needs.



EasyJet will accept guide dogs accompanying people who are blind, vision impaired, deaf, hearing impaired or other disabilities on flights to/from UK to mainland Europe but not on flights to Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Kosovo, Turkey or Jordan. Flights from mainland Europe to Sicily, Sardinia or the Balearic Island (or vice versa) are considered flights within mainland Europe.

EasyJet at this time does not transport any type of live animal outside of guide dogs within the hold or cargo of their planes.


What are EasyJet Baggage Allowance Limits and Fees?

EasyJet hand luggage size
EasyJet checked luggage size
Baggage charges
Musical and sport equipment


EasyJet hand luggage size

EasyJet permits 1 x cabin bag. One extra, small personal bag is only permitted for EasyJet PLUS, FLEXI fare, Upfront and Extra Legroom customers.

Maximum dimensions:

  • Cabin Bag: 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheel.
  • Extra Personal Bag: 45cm x 36cm x 20cm.
  • Maximum weight: None (must be able to lift luggage into overhead locker).

Note that if you plan to bring any liquids into the cabin, you can do so as long as they are stored in containers no bigger than 100ml and are carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bags with maximum dimensions of 20 x 20cm. Each passenger can carry a maximum of 1000ml (e.g. 10 x 100ml).


EasyJet checked luggage size

  • Maximum size: 275cm (calculated by adding length + width + height).

The amount of items and their respective weight allowance differs slightly depending on your route. Usually the max weight is 20 kg, except for sporting or musical equipment.


Baggage charges

If you plan to take extra bags above your inclusive checked baggage allowance, expect to pay a fee:

  • £12 – £22 online
  • £32 – £45 at check-in

You can add extra baggage using the Easyjet Manage Bookings page online once you have booked your ticket. You can have up to 3 checked bags per person. The fee required depends on the route and is more expensive if you arrange this at the airport and not in advance. Additional charges also apply for each 1kg of excess weight over 20kg up to a maximum of 32kg per hold item.
For a full overview of fees for Easyjet baggage, click here.


Musical and sport equipment

Musical instruments are allowed on-board as cabin baggage providing that the instrument, including its case, doesn’t exceed the max dimensions:

  • Max dimension: 30 x 120 x 38cm

You can take any of the following instruments into the cabin as long as they can fit into the overhead locker:

  • Violas
  • Piccolos
  • Flutes
  • Clarinets
  • Bugles
  • Mandolin
  • Trumpets

Cellos can also be taken in to the cabin but you will need to buy an extra seat. Note that for sporting equipment, you can ‘pool’ your checked luggage allowance if travelling with a friend.

For example, if you to travel with one item of hold luggage each, together with one piece of equipment each, such as a golf bag, your combined allowance will be 80kg for all four items. Any single item of the four must not weigh more than 32kg, however.


Does EasyJet Have Additional Fees and Charges?

Booking fees
Ticket name change fees
Flight cancellation policy
Travel insurance


Booking fees

All new bookings (except FLEXI fares) will incur a £13.00 administration fee. Bookings made by Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, Carte Bleue (domestic transactions only) and UATP/Airplus will incur an additional fee of 2.0% of the total transaction value.


Ticket name change fees

A Ticket Name Change Fees will apply if you plan to alter the name on your ticket (per passenger, per flight):

  • Online: £35
  • Telephone/At the airport: £40

Note that for name changes, in addition to the ‘Name change fee’ stated above, you will also need to pay the difference in price between the cost of the original flight booked and the cost of the flight at the time the change is made. No refund will be made if the cost of the flight is lower at the time of the change. Furthermore, a transaction fee of 2.0% of the total value of the flight will apply if you change the name of your ticket and have used the following payment methods:

  • Visa credit cards
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • UATP/ AirPlus

Paying for flight transfers and name changes to existing bookings by using Carte Bleue, Visa Electron, ELV, Visa debit card, or Maestro/ Solo do not incur any additional transaction fee. Note that UK Maestro cards can only be used for fares that are displayed in UK sterling. If the fare is displayed in another currency, UK Maestro won’t be offered as a payment option.


Flight cancellation policy

Should your flight be cancelled, you can either:

  • Change/move on to another EasyJet flight free of charge. Use the How to change a flight page and rebook if you plan to do this.
  • Be refunded if you no longer wish to fly at all. Use the How to get a refund page to get the cost of your flight refunded.
  • Re-route to your destination on another carrier under comparable conditions.

EasyJet will attempt to provide hotel accommodation with dinner and breakfast for you. Contact a member of staff in the airport to arrange this. If you find your own a room, EasyJet will refund the cost of a reasonably priced room, evening meal and breakfast.


Travel insurance

EasyJet offers a range of travel insurance products, including cover for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Cancellation
  • Personal Possessions
  • Wintersports and Ski Equipment

Their Essentials Packet starts at £6.90 up to packages that start at £34.30 for ski equipment. You can find more information and get a quote here.


Which routes does EasyJet fly?

Most popular routes:


What EasyJet Amenities Are Included with My Ticket?

In-flight entertainment
Frequent Flyers


In-flight Entertainment and Refreshments

EasyJet does not offer in-flight entertainment at this time. It does, however, have an in-flight magazine, the EasyJet Traveller.



In-flight meals and drinks are available for purchase. The food is of a bistro type nature, such as toasted sandwiches, snacks, croissants, muffins etc. They also have veggie options such as their gouda cheese malted roll, but vegan options are not available on the menu at the moment.



Passengers have the option to reserve a seat ahead of boarding, and can change their selection up to 2 hours prior to departure. You can do this via My EasyJet. Once you have checked in and your seat has been allocated, you can upgrade to a higher priced seat at the airport, on-board or by calling the airline’s Customer Services team. The following seats are offered for those who upgrade:

  • Extra legroom seat
  • Up Front seat
  • All other seats

Seat reservation fees (Minimum to maximum prices)

  • First Row (Extra legroom): £9.99 – £16.99
  • Overwing (Extra legroom) / Up Front: £5.99 – £11.99
  • Other seats: £1.99 – £5.99

When you make a new booking, you will be able to pay to select your seat as part of the booking process. You can also manage your existing bookings via My EasyJet. Note that if you have a FLEXI ticket or are an EasyJet PLUS member, you can change your seat selection at any time before you check in, either by printing your boarding pass online or at the bag drop desk at the airport.


Frequent Flyers

As a member of EasyJet’s new PLUS frequent flyer program, you can:

  • Select any seat on the plane for free (subject to availability)
  • Use the Fast Track Security Lane for speedier boarding
  • Bring on an additional cabin bag
  • Drop off your checked bags at dedicate desks before boarding
  • Receive savings on other deals such as airport parking, lounges, holiday taxis etc.

Note that EasyJet only began trialing its PLUS service late in 2014, with the official trial period ending on July 31, 2015. Prices and benefits may therefore change from the time of writing. If you plan to become a PLUS member, you can complete the online application form here. The up-to-date membership fees will be advised to you at the time of your application.



You can book an airport lounge for £14.50. Almost all lounges have TV and free newspapers and magazines, and many have wifi access or computers with internet access. In some lounges you can also play board games, listen to music or play video games. Free drinks and snacks are offered, and two lounges offer bistro food with waiter service included in the fee.


How Can I Contact EasyJet Customer Service?

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage
Compensation for baggage
Compensation for flights



The EasyJet contact number for UK customers is: 0330 365 5000

The EasyJet complaints and services department is available 7 days a week, from 8:00-20:00 UK time. Find an EasyJet phone number for individual European countries and the rest of the world here. You can also find out more about call charges, which you may incur when calling from your mobile phone.


Delayed, missing or damaged luggage

EasyJet’s Central Baggage Services Department number is: +44 (0)344 318 1002.

If your luggage is lost or delayed, EasyJet uses a tracking system called WorldTracer to locate it. A representative will enter your contact and luggage details into the system and provide you with a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).
The PIR is a code of four letters and six numbers such as XYZU212345, and you will need to quote this in any correspondence with the airline. With the PIR, you can track your delayed baggage online by visiting the EasyJet WorldTracer website and entering your reference number.


Compensation for baggage

EasyJet will reimburse up to £25 a day, for up to three days (or £75 maximum) for the purchase of essential items if your baggage is delayed for an extended period of time and you need to purchase essential items. The airline asks that you keep all your receipts when submitting a claim, which you can do here, for them to be able to reimburse you for your purchases. If the first five days have passed and your delayed baggage still has not been located, responsibility for tracing it is passed onto EasyJet’s Central Baggage Services Department, from where your baggage will continue to be traced until twenty-one days after your arrival date.

Damaged luggage

You will also need to get a PIR at the airport if your luggage is damaged, along with a form at damagedluggage.com at the airport. After leaving the airport, please log on to damagedluggage.com within 7 days from the date of the baggage receipt and complete your details online. You will need both your PIR and ‘Damaged Luggage Report’ form.


Compensation for flights

You may have claim on compensation if your departure time is delayed by:

  • At least 2 hours in cases of flights of 1500 km or less.
  • At least 3 hours in cases of all flights within Europe of more than 1500 km, and of all other flights between 1500 km and 3500 km.
  • At least 4 hours or for flights greater than 3500km

If your flight is delayed for at least 5 hours, you will be entitled to reimbursement should you choose not to fly. Full details including if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours at point of arrival are outlined here.


This airline guide was updated on Nov 26th, 2015. We strive to give you the most up-to-date information possible, but in case we missed something, please let us know in the comments below.

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