Annual convention

November 9, 2014 No Comments

Hi readers,
Yesterday I went to the Society of Children’s Book Writers – Arizona annual convention. It’s such an upbeat event, and I always get a lift from the camaraderie and group energy from #SCBWI . The learning arc I’m going through for writing and illustrating children’s books is daunting at times but so much fun! I am in the midst of re-doing the format of Jackson’s History Adventure so I can put it on Amazon, like Jackson’s Aviation Adventure. It seems that Amazon has been easier for my readers to access than Apple I-Books. I’m also writing and illustrating a third book, this time a hard-cover book, not an e-book. You can see sample pages by following my professional FB page Rita Goldner Illustrations and Books.
The new coloring page on this blog is a line drawing of the illustration I submitted to the Creativity Contest at the convention. It’s called E-book Reading Room (a sign of the times). I didn’t win, but it was fun to draw.

Jackson’s Aviation Adventure is available at:

Thanks, Rita

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