Three Years of Illustrating

October 24, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers,

I got a great new review from Readers’ Favorite, an independent book review service. I pasted it on the review page.  I also added a new coloring page as my #tbt tribute to the early days of my obsession with picture book illustrating. Like Jackson, engrossed with his drawing and painting, I have been engrossed for three years now, and loving every minute. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have started another book, not part of the Jackson series. It’s about an orangutan in the rainforest. This book will be a physical book, not an  e-book like the Jackson series. I’m excited about making a book that will hopefully help children grow to love wildlife, especially endangered species. I hope to teach children about ecological responsibility and sustainability, so they can make an impact when they grow up. Meanwhile, I want to keep the #fun in reading.  So like Jackson, lost in thought with his tongue sticking out the side, I’m busily drawing away!

Thanks for all the support, and here’s the link to Jackson’s Aviation Adventure on Amazon


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