New Baby at the Zoo

October 13, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers,

I’m excited about the new baby orangutan at the Phoenix Zoo, where I’m a member. He was born over a month ago, but his mom has kept him in a private room until now. I just got an email from the zoo saying he’s making his public debut today. Today’s coloring page is a tribute to him. The zoo is one of my favorite places to sketch, and I’m a frequent sketcher in the orangutan observation room, because it’s the only air-conditioned place to sketch (which is a “must have” accommodation for summer sketching around here).

Sketching animals, or anything for that matter, has helped me a lot in illustrating the Jackson series e-books, even though the subject matter is completely different. It’s all about getting in “pencil mileage” to improve my eye-hand coordination. And of course the animals, especially the orangutans, are so much fun to hang around; it makes practice sketching a joy. In addition to my third e-book in the Jackson series, I’m in the midst of another book about orangutans and other wildlife of Borneo. The last newborn orangutan at the zoo was eight years ago, and I’ve been sketching her ever since. Now she’s almost full size, so recently I’ve had to use my memory and old sketches of her as references for the baby in my work-in-progress book. I’m jazzed about having a new baby model.

Here’s more info about the new arrival:  He was born Sept 2, and is not named yet.  (I suspect they’ll have a naming contest, like they did with Kasih, his big sister). He’ll cling to his mom, Bess, for four months.

I’ve gotten some wonderfully supportive reviews and ratings for “Jackson’s Aviation Adventure”, which I recently released on Amazon.  Here it is:

Thanks so much to the well-wishers and the Jackson fans,



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