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Hi Readers,

I’ve selected the YIKES page as my free coloring page for this month, for two reasons: it’s the only page from Jackson’s History Adventure I haven’t used for a coloring page, and I’m in a “Yikes” frame of mind this week anyway, after reading about Rush Limbaugh’s popular choice award for his children’s picture book. Refraining from commentary, which I always do on this blog and on social media, I’ll just say I hope his award raises the awareness and popularity of children’s picture books about time-traveling to learn history. Admittedly, it’s a self-serving hope, since his book and mine have this same theme. Anyway, I’m on to newer adventures, since I’m almost finished with Jackson’s Aviation Adventure, and have two other books in progress.

Thanks, Rita

Here’s the link to buy Jackson’s History Adventure:


(It is in the Apple iBook Store, formatted only for iPads.)


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