Hunting and Fishing

February 24, 2014 No Comments

Hi Readers,

Last week’s coloring page of the cave painting drew a response from a few people who said it was the most fun to draw of all the coloring pages. So I chose another illustration of cave people for this week. Besides, it seemed like a timely choice for me because this weekend my husband and I, in our separate pursuits, enjoyed the beautiful weather in Arizona. He was wielding a fishing rod and I was wielding a paintbrush. It seemed only fitting that I should choose an illustration of our hero Jackson, using a paintbrush as a fishing pole! I participated in a plein air painting competition. Didn’t win any of the cash prizes, but it sure was fun! Speaking of fun, have fun coloring!

Thanks, Rita

Here’s the link to buy Jackson’s History Adventure:

(It is in the Apple iBook Store, formatted only for iPads.)





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