November 25, 2014 0

Hi Readers,

I looked in the blog archives for my post of exactly one year ago, for #Thanksgiving. I am re-using the same coloring page, of the first Thanksgiving, complete with pilgrims and Native Americans, just to get into the spirit. Personally, I’m thankful for my beautiful big and healthy granddaughter Isabelle, born just last week. I’ll be visiting her over Thanksgiving weekend, which should be loads of fun.

In my professional life, I’m thankful that I’m able to use whatever grey matter I have left to navigate that “old dogs, new tricks” route of educating myself. I’ve attended classes, workshops, the Society of Book Writers and Illustrators convention, and a Meetup group I joined called Phoenix Publishing and Book Marketing. They have an interesting daily blog with guest authors discussing writing, publishing and marketing.  Here’s the link:     My guest spot is the first of every month, hope you check it out!

Last year at this time I had just released my first i-Book, published by ZippyBrain. Here’s the link:   for “Jackson’s History Adventure”, which is only for i-Pads.  Now I’m thrilled to say the second book in the Jackson series, “Jackson’s Aviation Adventure” is doing well. You don’t need an i-Pad for this one, it works on Kindle. Here it is:

I’m busily entrenched in writing and illustrating a third book, this time a hard-cover one, to be released May 2015. It’s titled “ORANGUTAN: A Day in the Rainforest.” The fun never stops! Please “like” my business Facebook page, Rita Goldner Illustrations and Books, to see updates, new pages and leave comments.


Thanks, Rita




Annual convention

November 9, 2014 0

Hi readers, Yesterday I went to the Society of Children’s Book Writers – Arizona annual convention. It’s such an upbeat event, and I always get a lift from the camaraderie and group energy from #SCBWI . The learning arc I’m going through for writing and illustrating children’s books is daunting at times but so much …

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Three Years of Illustrating

October 24, 2014 0

Hi Readers, I got a great new review from Readers’ Favorite, an independent book review service. I pasted it on the review page.  I also added a new coloring page as my #tbt tribute to the early days of my obsession with picture book illustrating. Like Jackson, engrossed with his drawing and painting, I have …

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New Baby at the Zoo

October 13, 2014 0

Hi Readers, I’m excited about the new baby orangutan at the Phoenix Zoo, where I’m a member. He was born over a month ago, but his mom has kept him in a private room until now. I just got an email from the zoo saying he’s making his public debut today. Today’s coloring page is …

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Thinking About Flying

October 3, 2014 0

Hi Readers, With the onset of crisp fall weather, I’m thinking and planning about Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season, and travelling. What a fun, exciting time! Jackson is excited too, but is looking forward to his first time flying alone with a little trepidation. He’s going to confront his nervous jitters the same way he addresses …

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Air Traffic Control Room

September 23, 2014 0

Hi Readers, This is the last day of the Amazon promotion to get a free download of Jackson’s “Aviation Adventure” at To celebrate the success of the promotion, and in thanks for all the fabulous reviews and ratings, I’ve added a new coloring page to print out (see Coloring Page of this site) of …

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E-book is free for 5 days

September 19, 2014 0

Hi Readers! As you know,  I finished “Jackson’s Aviation Adventure” and the e-book is available on Amazon. In a special promotion for 5 days, starting Friday Sept 19, we’re offering the e-book for free. You can down load it at If you feel inclined to write a review, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks, Rita

Wright Bros. with rubber-band helicopter

September 17, 2014 0

Hi Readers, I have been writing this blog for exactly one year, and WOW! Have I learned a lot about book writing, publishing and promotion! I just last week finished my second e-book, “Jackson’s Aviation Adventure”, and it’s available on Amazon in the kindle store at I put this new e-book on Amazon instead …

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Holiday Weekend

July 8, 2014 0

Hi Readers, I am finally on the very last page of Jackson’s #Aviation Adventure, and am excited about getting it finally published. In the past I have used the pages, in a black and white version, for the free #coloring pages on the blog. For today, I am doing it a little different, and have …

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Farmers’ Market

June 10, 2014 0

Hi Readers, During the past two weekends I have been researching (and shopping) at a local farmers’ market sponsored by an urban community garden. I am finishing up the last two pages of Jackson’s #Aviation Adventure and I’m thinking ahead to the next book about Jackson, where he’ll be learning about #gardening Each book, starting …

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